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Rates and estimates 

Rates from 1/1/2018

  • Rate in €uro for shooting equipment
  • Rate in €uro for the laboratory
  • Rate in €uro for supplies
  • Rate in €uro for editing and post-production
  • Rate in €uro for DVD and serial copying

  • Basic rates in €uro
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    Important discounts starting the second week
    Rate packages :
    All-inclusive package for documentaries (until broadcast-ready)
    Package for short films and full length films (until DCP)

    Rate in €uro for shooting equipment

    Shooting equipmentLengthRates without VAT
    Camera Sony PMW400
    Tripod Sachtler S18
    Monitor, light panel,
    tripod, wires, etc. 
    Camera Sony PMW EX3 et batt.
    Tripod Sachtler S18 ou DV8
    Monitor, tripod, wires, etc.
    Camera Sony HVR S270 et batt. 
    Tripod Sachtler S18 ou DV8
    Monitor, tripod, wires, etc.
    Camera Sony HVR Z1 et batt
    Pied Sachtler DV 1 et accessoires
    Enr DAT Tascam DAP 1Day50,00
    Digital recorderZoom H4 or Tascam DR100Day25,00
    Mic HF Audiolimited with lapel mic tramDay75,00
    Micro HF Sennheiser EW500 with lapel mic TramDay50,00
    Lapel mic AKGDay20,00
    Lapel mic couple MT 55Day30,00
    Lapel mic TramDay25,00
    Mic Shoeps HypercardioDay70,00
    Mic Sennheiser MKH 416Day40,00
    Mic boom and wiresDay10,00
    Panasonic monitor
    BTLH 9100
    Mac Book Pro
    (for back-up)
    Weekly rate = 4 x dayly rate
    Monthly rate = 3 x weekly rate


    Rate in €uro for editing and post-production

    Editing / Post-productionLengthRates without VAT
    Final cut 7.0Day150,00
    Final cut 7.0Week600,00
    AVID MediaComposer 5.5 or 7.0 Nitris DXDay225,00
    AVID MediaComposer 5.5 or 7.0 Nitris DXWeek900,00
    VCR Sony HD Cam HDW M2000PDay500,00
    VCR Sony Digital Betacam DVW M2000PDay400,00
    VCR Sony Betacam SP UVW 1800Day120,00
    VCR Sony DV Cam DSR 80Day130,00
    VCR Sony HDV HVR 1500Day250,00
    Player enr. DAT Sony PCM 7040Day50,00
    Monitor Broadcast HD Sony + oscillo Techtro for color gradingDay250,00
     AVID Symphony DX Confo/Color grading (BVW + Oscillo)Week2 400,00
     AVID Symphony DX Confo/Color grading (BVW + Oscillo)Day600,00
     AVID Symphony DX Confo/Color grading (BVW + Oscillo)Hour100,00
    DaVinci Resolve/Color grading (BVW + Oscillo)Week2800,00
    DaVinci Resolve/Color grading (BVW + Oscillo)Day700,00
    DaVinci Resolve/Color grading (BVW + Oscillo)Hour120,00
    Editing AVID (with technician)Day750,00
    Editing AVID (with technician)Hour150,00
    Color grading AVID Sympho or DaVinci (with technician)Day1 300,00
    Color grading AVID Sympho ou DaVinci (with technician)Hour260,00
    Finishing on AVID Symphony (with technician)Day950,00
    Finishing on AVID Symphony (with technician)Hour190,00
    Sound exports (to sound editing or mixing)Flat-rate100,00
    Quick time exportsHour100,00


    Rate in €uro for the laboratory

    LaboratoryUnitRates without VAT
    Elements preparation for DCP exports  Hour passed100,00
    DCP creationMinute film20,00
    (minimum of 10 min)  
    DCP copyingHour passed100,00
    Quicktime exports (all codec)Hour film100,00
    DVD creation (no menu : digit, export and first burn)Hour film100,00
    Bluray creation (no menu : digit, export and first burn)Hour passed100,00
    Graphic creation, markingHour passed100,00
    Copying Bluray 25 (furnished, burning, marking, CD box) 49,40
    Copying DVD 5 (furnished, burning, marking, CD box) 46,90
    Copying DVD 9 (furnished, burning, marking) 49,60
    Copying CD -R (furnished, burning, marking, CD box) 30,00
    Color marking option (photo quality) +1,00
    CD box slim christal 0,40
    DVD box / DVD box slim 0,80
    Other boxes, consult us  
    Copying HD Cam (supplies excluded)Hour150,00
    Copying Digital Betacam (supplies excluded)Hour100,00
    Copying Betacam SP ou DV cam (supplies excluded)Hour60,00
    Copying DVD 5 (scope DVD)Hour50,00
    Copying VHS (supplies excluded)Hour50,00
    Broadcast master (controled and guaranteed)Extra / hour+100,00


    Rate in €uro for DVD and serial copying

    Rates without VAT of serial DVD burning
    QuantityDVD 5 N&BDVD 5 colDVD 5 N&B
    + CD box
    DVD 5 col
    + CD box
    DVD 5 N&B
    + DVD box
    DVD 5 col
    + DVD box
    For DVD 9 and serial Bluray, consult us  


    Rate in €uro for supplies

    SuppliesRates without VAT
    HD Cam Sony 124'91,00
    HD Cam Sony 94'70,00
    HD Cam Sony 64'45,00
    HD Cam Sony 40'28.00
    HD Cam Sony 22'23,00
    HD Cam Sony 12'21,00
    HD Cam Sony 6'19,00
    Digital Betacam Sony 124'52,00
    Digital Betacam Sony 94'40,00
    Digital Betacam Sony 64'29,00
    Digital Betacam Sony 32'17,00
    Digital Betacam Sony 22'16,00
    Digital Betacam Sony 12'15,00
    Digital Betacam Sony 6'14,00
    HDV Sony 276' pro45,00
    HDV Sony 180' pro39,00
    HDV Sony 120' pro33,00
    HDV Sony 90' pro28,00
    HDV Sony 63' pro18,00
    DVcam Sony 184' N35,00
    DVcam Sony 124' N30,00
    DVcam Sony 94' N26,00
    DVcam Sony 64' N21,00
    DVcam Sony M40' N15,00
    DVcam Sony M32' N14,00
    DVcam Sony M12' N12,00
    MiniDV 60'3,00
    HDV Sony 63' mini DV 11,00
    CD -R to burn + slim box2,00
    DVD±R / 16x / 4,7 go / to burn1,00
    DVD±R / 16x / 4,7 go / to burn + slim box1,40
    DVD±RW / 16x / 4,7go / to burn + slim box5,00
    DVD±R / 16x / 9go / to burn + slim box5,00
    DVD BD ±R / 8x / 25go / to burn + slim box6,00
    DVD BD ±R / 8x / 50go / to burn + slim box8,00
    Internal hard drive WD SATA 3To150,00
    Internal hard drive WD SATA 2To135,00
    Internal hard drive WD SATA 1To120,00
    External hard drive WD USB 3 320 Go90,00
    External hard drive WD USB 3 500 Go100,00
    External hard drive WD USB 3 1To135,00
    External hard drive WD USB 3 2To160,00
    External hard drive WD USB 3/FW400/FW800 4To400,00
    External hard drive WD USB 3/FW400/FW800 3To350,00
    External hard drive WD USB 3/FW400/FW800 2To300,00
    External hard drive WD USB 3/FW400/FW800 1To250,00
    USB stick 8 Go10,00
    USB stick 16 Go15,00
    USB stick 32 Go25,00
    USB stick 64 Go35,00
    USB stick 128 Go60,00
    USB stick 256 Go120,00
    Pelicase 1120 for DCP97,00


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