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Camera modelSony HVR S270
Sony HVR Z1
Sony PC 330
No camera
Additional equipment and accessoriesComplete unity (stand, sound, light)
Sound equipmentComplete (lapel mic, mic boom, HF)
Basic (lapel mic et mic boom)
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Choix dans une listeFinal Cut pro
AVID Nitris DX
AVID Symphony
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Master digital cut and/or broadcast master in HD Cam
Master digital cut and/or broadcast master in Digital Betacam
Master digital cut and/or broadcast master in DV Cam or HDV or Betacam SP
DCP export
File export AV Broadcast (MXF, Quicktime, AVI, etc.)
Mastering DVD
Mastering Bluray
Streaming internet and other compressed AV files (Flash, Windows media, Quick time, Real Video, etc.)
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